Thursday, 19 April 2012


Today we went around Tokyo with our fantastic agents Chiaki & Chizuko to see some of the stores that carries 5PREVIEW. It's a huge town and we could just see some but it was great to see all beautiful stores and meet all nice people working there! First out is IENA.

 Serene Dept / Tokyo Style (with the special DUBAI print we showed the other day from SWEET magazine...)
Another IENA store. It A LOT of them, all a little different from each other...
And A. A really cool store that we could unfortunately visit only one, but we'll try to make it to the other one in the next few days!

One of the JEWEL CHANGES stores...

...and finally with the really nice buyer and staff from ESTNATION in Roppongi!


  1. Oh no! :( I love all these bags and clothes from the pictures! BUT I can't buy these great pieces because they are not in the online store and here in germany I only know 2 shops with 5 preview. And they don't have many things :(

    are there any cool shops in germany with your stuff?

    LOVE <3

  2. It's a lot of them!! Which city are you in?

  3. I'm live in Bremen! But If you would tell me in which citys are the stores with pleeeeenty 5 preview things like bags, necklaces and Co. I would totally drive to the other citys!

    Could you give me the names of the stores and the citys? I will make a 5 preview shopping tour trough Germany!

    Love, Andrey

  4. Oh my, I love your stuff! Those jogging shorts and the wallet are just beyond beautiful!