Friday, 30 March 2012

WEEKEND GIVEAWAY: Leather Shopper!

Photo: Natalia Aydin

Hello... we feel like giving something away again (to celebrate the weekend). So how about this weekend shopper bag in leather? There is only one winner this time so you better write a really convincing comment below to make us melt for your charm and give it to you.. Like usual DON'T FORGET TO WRITE YOUR E-MAIL! : )

On TUESDAY morning a winner will be chosen. Try your luck (or skip the waiting by getting the bag HERE instead).

Happy friday!


  1. I should be given this bag because I'm always reading your blog, even though I live in Australia.

    I'm a huge fan of everything 5preview.


    Love you guys.

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  3. First of all, I really like simple yet unique style of 5preview.

    But not just that, I also have a special memory on that street, CAVOUR. I've only been there once, and it was my first trip to see my very first boyfriend who lived in Rome. (I'm from Japan, by the way!) We walked through the street with gelatos in our hands. It was such an amazing time. Even though it's already been more than 3 years since then, I still clearly, colorfully and brightly remember that street.

    Sooooo... it would be really amazing, if I could have that beautiful black baby with "Cavour" on its skin <3

  4. To be honest i need some kinda easter gift for my girlfriend, she'd love this one to do some new lookbook pictures :)

  5. I don't want to write "how much I love 5previw" and that I'm "always reading your blog" oder that I "buy everything you manufacture"; of course I love your clothes and I like buiyng your products but I guess it would be much more interesting for you to hear that YOU are interesting. It needs a lot of constructiveness for everything your produced. I can't imagine to have that kind of "fantasy" for designing so many products, every single day. It's a wonderful thing to express yourself and your thoughts in so many t-shirts, bags, tops, jackets and so on. You are different and this is amazing.

    Ramek Jehanbazi

  6. I think my grandpa needs a new shopper bag when he goes grocery shopping alone. The leather material looks more decent than any other green bags supermarket offers.
    Will look great with his 'vintage' outfit ;)

  7. OH, this one is so cute & I want it so much. If I could wear it I would shoot a photo for you with this bag in lovely munich, to make everyone jealous. Or maybe with bavarian mountains in the background.... totally falling in love with this bag!

    greetings from your german fan, Sara <3

  8. OH, this one is so cute & I want it so much. If I could wear it I would shoot a photo for you with this bag in lovely munich, to make everyone jealous. Or maybe with bavarian mountains in the background.... totally falling in love with this bag!

    greetings from your german fan, Sara <3

  9. it would be a present for my mum, she also love your stuff! think thats quite cute. and maybe i can get a photo with your bag on :)
    love you guys, greetings.

  10. want it!! really want it.. now!! ;)

  11. want it.. really want it!!

  12. i'm sure the leather shopper would have a good life as my personal companion! even though i might not fill it with banknotes (i'm a penniless fashion journalist from switzerland), it would be fed with my sketches of dinosaurs and would be taken to the coolest places in zurich!

  13. I never bought a bag and you would not be bad to win this!

  14. Because my lovely 5preview wallet I get as a present will need proper protection from global warming, street dirt, spilling beer at parties, pickpockets...

  15. honestly i am drained and out of words. i just love your stuff so much i'll keep trying even though i get unlucky all the time. keep up the good work emeli,

    ich warte immernoch

  16. It would be the perfect gift for me and my wardrobe, I need a leather shopper :) Yeah, I know, I'm selfish, but this bag would be perfect for an everyday outfit! :D
    Your work is very good, keep it up!*

  17. WOOOOOOOOO!!!!SWIZZY!!!!!!

  18. "Leave your comment"

    ehm, no comment!!

  19. eeeeeewwwww ugly bag. would take it anyway..

    are u kidding me????? i'd KILL for this bag

    give it to me yeah

  20. minimalist & elegant,so that it displays a charming impression..this shopper is Breath-Taker!!!

  21. I live in Corso Cavour 122 in my town, so I need this bag to find my home way ;) <3 5preview! kiss from Italy!
    Valeria G.

  22. I'm really sad...because I looove this brand and I always partecipate at all your giveaway but you never choose meeee :(! soooo badddd!
    ...but at least I'll always adore 5preview!!!
    byeee xoxo

  23. i am anonymous!30 March 2012 at 16:48

    many people here asking for this bag, i couldn't understand why, i want LooOVEEE not bags i want Feeeeelings not objects...but i lovee! this bag and the feelings it creates me when i see it, is something amazing!
    Now i understand everyone!
    So please give it to me.

  24. hi tuesday will be my girlfriend's birthday ( for real,i'm not joking :D )and due to the fact that she loves bags i would really love to give her a bag..but i'm a student and i cannot spend so much money so if you choose me i will have a very special present for her,and i will love you more then everyone!!thanks <3

  25. From Tina B.
    I would hope to win this bag Tuesday.
    'Cuz I visit your page everyday.
    Your website rocks.
    and so do you.
    I just love 5 Preview :)

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  27. this bag will be my favourite, cause i'll be able to put there my whole life, even my dog, a laptop and of cours with this bag i'll be carrying a 5preview's soul with my.
    ...5 preview, once you try and it would never be forgotten !

  28. hey 5preview,

    never owned a 5preview item, as many on the comments section will also claim. i love your stuff immensely, also what many others will claim. but i never win anything and you, 5preview, would go down in my book's history as the first clothing company to pass on one of it's goods to me. it would be heavenly, i would blog about you guys incessantly, it'd all be a real hit, you know! hope you guys have had a fun time reading the hundreds of comments you're sure to get and hope you had fun reading my semi-desperate one.

    embarrassingly yours,

  29. I should be given this bag because this is my first giveaway win....wink*
    thanks in advance :)

  30. Thank you for such a generous giveaway...I am floored!

    This beauty is the perfect shopper bag for a recent college graduate on a budget but with unbelievable fashion aspirations (me).

    For this gorgeous piece of craftsmanship and excellence, I'd eat Ramen noodles (please do not attempt this) and tuna for three months.

    Yes. I would.

    Elena V

  31. Let me be the lucky one to own this bag!!!!!

  32. When I am shopping it gets very hot rocking out leather, but I guess you know this. NOBODY CAN MAKE ME EVER TAKE OF MY LEATHER. - So this bag would love to be woren with my leather vest.

    much love xx

  33. maybe because i heart black.
    maybe because i honestly think that the way you keep things simple is amazing. i am really happy for he winner whoever it will be. i am also heading to stockholm for the 2nd time in my life in 26th april.. this journey will for sure remind me of 5preview on the streets. keep on doing the great job!
    lots of love,
    ali (

  34. Good luck to all of you!

  35. i wrote this poem for you, 5preview

    roses are red
    violets are blue
    gimme this bag
    this would be so nice


  36. One sping night...Two glasses of white wine..his heyes on mine and... the perfect bag! What else?!

  37. I know I must have this awesome bag because the cute dog on the third picture has an amazing expression in its eyes, like "You must win it!!! Win it, please!!!!" it's capturing my soul and now I'm totally hypnotized.

  38. Marco M. Latorre1 April 2012 at 03:59

    Hi!I'm an Italian guy.
    I don't know if i deserve this gift more than others,but i really appreciate 5preview style because it recalls me the italian one:"That's Amore"!
    Good Luck to everyone.
    Greetings ;)

  39. Happy April Fool 5preview .. Hopefully in April send me good with this new bag ..

  40. 5preview you like? not me, joke .. good April Fool's joke .. you are the best ..

  41. I tried to win all of your competition but I've always been I'm out of money because I had to buy all your products on my own!!!!Please make me a present just this once!

  42. never confuse elegance with snobbery!

  43. It will be a real pleasure to win this bag because i will always use it during these italian spring days at the uni where nobody has such a wonderful bag!!

  44. Hello 5preview, it's April Fool's Day and whatever I do and no matter how much I try, I'm daydreaming and I'm said to be a fool, not very smart. I want to change my reputation so much and I think an awsome bag (very very chic) with an intelligent inscription on it will help me change my reputation.
    xoxo Sam

  45. I want to win your bag, why do not I can afford,
    and why as I write this comment, my fingers burn because I washed dishes for four hours.

    life is shit,
    with much love

  46. my life won't be the same, when I'll get this bag. honestly.

  47. I love 5preview and this bag is very cool!!!

  48. No 5preview, no style!


  49. I seriously deserve to win this fantastic leather bag by 5preview. Not only am I the biggest fan of 5preview for years but also unfortunately the unluckiest one. I recently found out that the fabulous shop Wild Swans here in London stocks your t shirts so i made my wall way from west London to east to get myself a tee but only to find out it's sold out after only a week. The owner told me they will have new stock in soon so I am crossing my fingers.

    I'm a hard working Journalist who never leaves the house without my laptop and I need a stylish bag to carry my essentials in. I would be the proudest owner really...



    beingdena (at) gmail (dot) com

  50. Andrej Förledelse2 April 2012 at 00:28

    Allow to introduce myself -
    My name is Andrej, and I love challenges!

    I don't know if I'm prince charming but I know
    for sure that I'm Andrej, a designer who express
    himself through the things he creates!

    So I'll show you some of my charm through an illustration I made for 5 preview!
    Click here to see my picture and let my know,
    what you think of it? :)

    Love ♡

  51. Hi there, at first my English isn't so good , I hope you understand me :)
    its hard to find a bag which I can use for work and spare time. Also I like things which will be individual . it's many years ago that I have found and bought a bag which is stylish, individual and has the right size to use it day and night. I have search a long time to find a bag . now this bag doesn't looks beautiful, the leather is old and it doesn't smells well.the linen Inside is damaged so I would be incredibly glad to win this great piece.

  52. Good evening! I suppose I should receive this chic sac because I'm falling apart at the seams... I haven't had the time to buy a new handbag and so I'm carrying all of my things around in my pockets! And sometimes stuff falls out everywhere... Like my coins and tissues and gloss in the metro the other day. So I look very silly as you can imagine

  53. because my bad is falling apart :(


  55. If you were a library book, I would never bring you back. For 5preview.

  56. There are many things that I would like to say to you but I don't know how 5preview.

  57. Here you see, I do not want to be too direct or whatnot, but I can win tomorrow?

  58. If you need me, I'll be in Street Cavour.

    A BAG

  60. I feel like the winner of this scholarship to go to the Easter holiday with your family happy with this fantastic cavour bag in black leather.

  61. Eleonora Magnani2 April 2012 at 19:47

    I love challenges
    I love you
    I love 5preview
    I love the bag
    I love the victory
    I love the style
    I love everything about you

  62. I want this bag cos i want to use it to shop at the supermarket,in this way we are gonna use less plastic and save the planet!!!



    we feel like giving Alex something.
    (to celebrate the weekend)
    So how about this weekend shopper bag in leather? There was only one winner this time so Alex wrote a really convincing comment below and made us melt for his charm and we'll give it to him.

    Like usual HE DID NOT FORGET

    Happy Friday!

  64. I just saw this bag on your site it was love at first sight ... I live in Italy and I'm going crazy to get that bag ... There are shops that sell clothes 5preview, accessories 5preview but unfortunately we do not see the shadow ... I'd really love to have this bag to show everyone that the style does not mean perforza ostentation ...
    I trust in luck

    Michele Pinto

  65. minimalism is my middle name- therefore, this shopper is perfect for me!

    Stephanie Thai

  66. Your motto says: interaction, inspiration, intuition..well, with your amazing blog, we can interact with you guys and be always update on your new stuff and use all of these news as inspiration for our outfits and styles and intuition because it's with it that we can create something new and you can see, i think i understand the meaning of your motto because i have interacted with you, i took inspiration from your motto and had the insight to write this post for win that wonderful bag ;)

  67. As a mother of 2 wonderful sons I think I'm the oldest one here in this competition. But I think also
    that fashion is not age-related and why can't a mother in the fourtys be a femme fatale?

    More than 40 years I've done everything for everyone. Now it's time to do something for me!

    After I saw Claudia Schiffer wearing 5 preview Shirt I thought that also a old lady like me could wear these fabulous things.

    Give me a chance to show with this wonderful bag, that being fashionable is not age related!

    In love, Natalya